Adult Psychiatric Program

The Adult Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program at Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System provides treatment for men and women, ages 18 and over, who suffer from a wide range of serious psychiatric illnesses including:

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System's Adult Program offers a structured, safe and caring environment that teaches positive self-awareness, new coping skills and provides opportunities for personal development. The program allows adults and their families to work through a crisis, quickly stabilize and return to the appropriate level of care after discharge.

The Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Program is designed to enable the individual to function more effectively in family, work and social environments. Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System recognizes the importance of family involvement and support in the treatment process, therefore the program emphasizes family participation through therapy.

A psychiatrist-led multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals (Nurses, Case Coordinators, Social Workers, Mental Health Technicians, Activity Therapists and Substance Abuse Counselors) directs the treatment process. Individuals participate in different elements of the program based on his/her individual needs. These elements include:

The individual's Case Coordinator begins discharge planning upon admission by developing goals and plans for a transition to a less intensive level of treatment.