Magnolias - Adolescent Female Psychiatric Program

The Adolescent Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Program, is provided to help female adolescents ages 12 – 17, remain safe, reduce symptoms, and improve functioning. Specifically, the purpose is to:

The program allows the adolescent and her family to work through a crisis, quickly stabilize and return to the appropriate level of care after discharge. Ultimately, the program helps the adolescent foster appropriate expression of emotion, self-control, anger management and development of positive peer relationships.

Individuals are admitted to, involved in and discharged from the program based upon established clinical criteria. Comprehensive assessment and evaluation determine the adolescent's specific problems and diagnosis as well as strengths and resources. Collaborative treatment planning with the Psychiatrist, Case Coordinator, Social Worker and the Nurse helps each patient develop specific goals and determines interventions with the greatest likelihood of success. These interventions are symptom and solution focused. Interventions include the provision of a safe and therapeutic environment, daily physician supervision, nursing and monitoring, and care and intensive programming (i.e. Group Therapy, Psychiatric Education, Nursing Education, Intensive Family Therapy, Individual Therapy as needed and Activity Therapy). Each individual attends school on-site and is led by Certified Teachers through the Hardin County School System. Additionally, a behavior management/ level system and linkage with an after-care professional are provided. The individual's Case Coordinator focuses on developing plans for a transition to a less intensive level of treatment.